Departamento de Edafología y Química Agrícola

Mª Carmen Monterroso Martínez (
Address: Faculta de de Bioloxía, Campus Vida, 15782 Santiago de Compostela
Phone: +34 981563100 (ext. 13286)

Brief description

The USC (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela) is one of the world’s oldest universities and one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. It offers more than 60 degrees, as well as a significant number of doctoral programs, master´s degrees and specialization courses. It make up around 35000 students, 2200 lectures and 300 research groups and has set up about 260 agreements with universities all over the world. The research team of PhytoSUDOE project is a Competitive Reference Group within the “Campus Life” (Campus of International Excellence). Their research belongs to the area of Soil Science and its applications to reclamation of degraded/polluted sites. In addition, they pay attention to related research lines: Environmental Impacts Assessment, Waste Management, Carbon sources/sinks, and Resolution of environmental problems with circular economy systems.