• GT3 focuses on conservation (in situ and ex-situ) and promotion of biodiversity at mining sites. Efforts will focus on the conservation of metal plants and metallophytes, as well as other organisms (a

  • GT1 is the work package aimed at the maintenance of the old PhytoSUDOE project experimental sites and monitoring of the phytomanagement benefits. Its specific objectives are the assessment of the long

  • GT2 is the work package focused on expanding the PhytoSUDOE network, with the addition of new sites and phytomanagement options under a variety of soil and climatic conditions. The PhytoSUDOE network

  • GT.T1 is the work package focused on the management of the project. The Kick Off meeting of the project took place virtually on November 17, 2020. This meeting was attended by all members of the conso

  • GT.T3 is the work package focused on the monitoring and evaluation of the project. The initial project report was completed in January 2021. During this first stage, the coordinator is working on a fi

  • GT.T2 is the work package aimed at the communication of the project, and involves all the partners to ensure the successful dissemination of the project. The objective is to contribute to the formatio