Fertil’Innov Environnement

Souhir Soussou (s.soussou@fertilinnov-environnement.com)
Address: 460 Rue Louis Pasteur, 34790 Grabels
Phone: +33 0638747669
Web: https://www.fertilinnov-environnement.com/

Brief description

Fertil’Innov Environnement is a young and innovative company that applies ecological engineering strategies for the sustainable development of soil micro-organisms, which are associated with plant species of interest for the rehabilitation of disturbed environments. The team’s rehabilitation approaches are based on the potential of micro-organisms (symbiotic bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, PGPR, etc.) whose action promotes plant growth.

Fertil’Innov has mastered several procedures to isolate, identify and monitor the microbial diversity present in contaminated environments.