Paper in Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Paper in Environmental Science and Pollution Research


Keep and promote biodiversity at polluted sites under phytomanagement

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Garbisu, C., Alkorta, I., Kidd, P. et al.
Environ Sci Pollut Res 27, 44820–44834 (2020)


The phytomanagement concept combines a sustainable reduction of pollutant linkages at risk-assessed contaminated sites with the generation of both valuable biomass for the (bio)economy and ecosystem services. One of the potential benefits of phytomanagement is the possibility to increase biodiversity in polluted sites. However, the unique biodiversity present in some polluted sites can be severely impacted by the implementation of phytomanagement practices, even resulting in the local extinction of endemic ecotypes or species of great conservation value. Here, we highlight the importance of promoting measures to minimise the potential adverse impact of phytomanagement on biodiversity at polluted sites, as well as recommend practices to increase biodiversity at phytomanaged sites without compromising its effectiveness in terms of reduction of pollutant linkages and the generation of valuable biomass and ecosystem services.