Article in Revista de Ciências Agrárias

Article in Revista de Ciências Agrárias


Restauración de estériles de mina con enmiendas orgánicas y especies vegetales: Impacto sobre las propiedades físicas del suelo

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Carmela Monterroso, Remigio Paradelo, Marc Romero, Aida Guerra, Vanesa Álvarez, Ángeles Prieto, Beatriz Rodríguez, Petra Kidd
Sociedad de Ciencias Agrarias de Portugal. doi: 10.19084/rca.28745


The use of organic amendments, created from manure, in the restoration of contaminated soils is a common practice which, in addition to recovering waste, improves the requirements for plant development and restores nutrients into the natural biogeochemical cycles. However, there are few field trials to evaluate the long-term effect of this practice on soil properties. The aim of this work is to study the evolution of soil physical properties in mine tailings restored by the combined use of organic amendments and different plant species (Salix viminalis or Agrostis capillaris). Soil physical conditions were very unfavourable for plant growth in the untreated mine waste soils, which had coarse textures, high density, low porosity, and low water storage capacity. The applied phytomanagement techniques improved soil aggregation, reduced compaction and increased soil porosity and water holding capacity. The characteristics achieved were similar to those of the surrounding natural soils.


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