S6: Jundiz (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, ES)


Site “S-6”, Location: Jundiz (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, ES) 42.8379761,-2.7503391

Brief description:

The surroundings of the industrial estate of Jundiz (West of Vitoria-Gasteiz) have experienced significant growth in the last decades. In many public lands adjacent to road infrastructures, the lack of use followed by uncontrolled landfills and illegal spills, have generated a series of degraded and contaminated plots that degrade the environmental quality and landscape.

Within the framework of PhytoSUDOE, interventions will take place in two plots of municipal property on the outskirts of the industrial estate of Jundiz that, although originally planned as green areas (current `General Urban Development Plan´), are currently degraded by uncontrolled dumping and abandonment. The detected anthropic landfills are very variable in typology and depth, consisting mostly of excavation lands and rocks, but in some cases also include construction and demolition waste and others.

In the case of the site S6, it is located on a plot generated by landfills, with little agronomic value due to the lack of organic matter and nutrients, but without the presence of contaminants. It is therefore an uncontaminated degraded soil. After characterizing the soil and adding organic amendment (compost), on S6, willow plantations will be combined along with rape, sunflower and bean crops in a rotation system. Also part of the forest plantations will be inoculated with fungi (mycorrhizae fungi) and bacteria to check their influence on soil health.