PDF conference programThe PhytoSUDOE project (“Demonstration of the improvement in soil biodiversity, functionality and ecosystem services through phytomanagement in contaminated and degraded soils within the Interreg Sudoe area”), in which the Environmental Studies Centre (CEA) participates along with other nine partners from Spain, France and Portugal (, will end on October 31st, after 28 months in which the recovery of nine degraded and/or contaminated sites in south-west Europe has been undertaken, applying phytomanagement techniques: such as as phytoremediation, intercropping, a variety of organic amendments or the bioaugmentation with distinct bacteria and fungi species. In order to communicate the progress achieved as well as to continue promoting the knowledge exchange among stakeholders, the PhytoSUDOE consortium has scheduled in Vitoria-Gasteiz, as a closing ceremony of the project, the third edition of the summer course, jointly organized with the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU (Casa de la Dehesa de Olarizu; October 9th and 10th), and the final project conference (Europa Conference Center, on the 11th). Both events with the presence of a significant number of interested agents and experts in the field of phytomanagement and degraded soil recovery. Moreover, forty-eight students have enrolled in the summer course while eighty attendees will take part in the final project conference.

SUMMER COURSE: New trends in restoration of degraded soils III: trace elements, organic pollutants and constructed wetlands. October 9th and 10th. Casa de la Dehesa de Olarizu (Vitoria-Gasteiz). 

PDF course program

FINAL CONFERENCE: Thursday October 11th, 2018. Europa Conference Centre(Gasteiz room), Avenida Gasteiz, 85, 01009, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain 

PDF conference program

The third edition of the summer course on restoration of contaminated/degraded soils, organized between the CEA and the UPV/EHU, will focus on the state-of-the-art techniques used for soil decontamination, counting on this occasion with examples from Europe and North America. The theoretical talks will be completed with practical cases of both trace elements and organic pollutants management, including phytoremediation(decontamination by plants and soil microorganisms). As a novelty, a session will be dedicated specifically to water and the use of artificially built wetlands to purify polluted water. A field visit is also scheduled for Tuesday (October 9th) through the afternoon to degraded sites in the surroundings of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Jundiz industrial park) where these techniques are currently being implemented. On October 11th the Final Conference of the project will be held in the Europa Conference Centre. On this day, the ten partners of the PhytoSUDOE project will present their main results. Among others, as international guest experts the presence of Carlos Pachon, responsible for the Green Remediation program of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the USA), and Michel Labrecque (director of the Montreal Botanical Garden and the Centre for Plant Biology Research at the University of Montreal) is scheduled. In addition to their participation in the final conference, they will open each of the two days of the summer course giving international projection to the events. In the afternoon session of the conference, a panel with the main agents in the field of the contaminated soils recovery in the Basque Country has been programmed in order to share their experiences and vision on the future development of this field. A round table with the title “Perspectives in the decontamination of soils in the South-West Europe ” will represent the official closure of the event. All sessions (the three days)will have simultaneous English/Spanish translation.

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